tea for two.

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This weekend I helped host a baby shower for a good friend. She has two little boys, and it was going to be her first baby girl- so we decided that it needed to be the girliest, little tea party we could think of. We spared no sugar!

It's a good thing that I am a hoarder of pretty things, because it came together so easily. I pulled out all of the vases and bottles from our wedding reception, vintage books, and my collection of tea cups. (I swear I am 26 going on 90.) I wanted it to be just a happy, little garden tea party. This was some of the inspiration I pulled together. 

I found this tutorial for a paper flower arch and made it my own. I knew that Eliza's schedule wasn't going to allow me very much time for anything too complicated, so the coffee filter flowers would be a super, easy and fun project. I made all of the flowers in like an hour, during her nap. The whole thing cost me $1 for the filters, and I used some tissue paper and twine that I already had. I dyed half of the flowers using an old set of Crayola watercolors. The arranging of the swag took awhile- mostly because it kept looking so wonky and I would have to walk away from it and come back to shift everything around a bit. 

Tyrah pulled together some amazing treats, and since it was a breakfast shower she went all out with the croissants. YES. I love baked goods in the morn. We also set up a tea station, with five kinds of tea, peach honey sticks, and clove candy stir sticks. And, each guest could leave with a little box of tea for home.

Our baby mama was too cute, and it was so much fun seeing how happy she was with all of the girly sweetness. My favorite part was watching her get all dressed up for the photo booth. I set up a bunch of my vintage hats and jewelry in the sunroom for a quick photo shoot. Every girl loves playing dress-up!

Leslie, you are darling. And I know that baby will be darling, too. Happy day!

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