tomales bay.

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For President's Day, our friends invited us to have oysters at Point Reyes. We were totally clueless, thinking we were going to a restaurant they liked or something. But, we totally couldn't expect this- thanks for treating us to the best day! We drove out to the Tomales Bay Oyster Company- it was perfectly sunny, and we were all loving the cold wind whipping through our hair.

So, Christyn and Stephen were total pros. They brought cheese and homemade bread, grapes, strawberries, and San Pellegrino. First, you buy a huge bag of fresh oysters from this huge stand. Then you set up shop on one of the picnic tables, each with a grill and a fat slab of wood block with a horseshoe nailed to it. They taught us how to shuck the oysters with these funny gloves and a special knife. You season it with spices, garlic, and lemon- then you throw 'em on the grill or just eat it raw. SO GOOD. I might have been a little skeptical about eating them raw, but the grilled ones were just about the tastiest things I've ever eaten. The boys each ate like 10 of them. Between those, the snacks, and the grilled veggies, I think we were all about to pop after. Plus, nothing tastes better than fresh air and food.

Oh, and for dessert they carved out oranges, filled them with brownie batter, and stuck them on the coals. What? Yes, it was as good as you're thinking.

Eliza was so happy and content all day. She snacked on everything, and chilled in her puff coat. It was a great day. I can't stop smiling just thinking about it...

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