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Amanda was one of my first friends in Berkeley. I remember she had the best style, the friendliest smile, and the cutest, chubby, blonde Asian baby- and I was like, "I want to be HER friend!" She was the first friend to hold Eliza after she was born. She came over to my house, brought me food, made my bed, and rocked Eliza for an hour straight. She had this magic sway that could put any baby to sleep. I was exhausted and covered in milk and baby vomit, and was so grateful for a friend.

Baby Stephen and Eliza are the cutest together. Stephen is such a gentle giant compared to Eliza, and we sometimes see them sneaking a hand hold. They have been the best of friends since Eliza was born. Amanda has been the greatest friend- hanging out at the park or the beach. crafting and cooking, and throwing parties. She is such a talented, selfless, and beautiful woman!

The Stewarts just moved to Salt Lake City this week. I'm not happy about losing our friends. But, I am excited for the adventures they are headed off to. We will miss them so much. We decided that Amanda and Stephen will rekindle their relationship later in life, and we are all looking forward to the greatest long-distance friendship. See you soon, right!?

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