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(This was posted a few weeks after I wrote it.)

I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to document little E lately. I feel like past one year, it becomes more difficult to do monthly posts. Mostly because she is growing and changing so fast, and her personality and behavior is so much more complex. I mean, a checklist of "things she can do" these days would take forever. But, I still want to make sure that I am keeping track of all of the fun and funny things this girl is up to. So, here is a first go at capturing Eliza- at one year, one month, and three weeks.

These are Eliza's things.

Many children develop an attachment to "lovies"- items that they are just in love with and want to carry everywhere with them. Usually, it's a teddy bear or a blankie or something.

Eliza has an assortment of "things." Like, the most random things you can think of. Here's a breakdown:

Figure 1.

Sam's goggles and Nixon watches,
a combination lock,
a wall hook (that hasn't been hung yet),
and the Apple TV remote.

These are all items that Eliza has developed a very strong attachment to. She found these items at some point in time, and won't let go of them. She will carry them around the house all day, take them in the car, chew on them, and then usually hide them. Not pictured: my iPod which has not-so-mysteriously disappeared. I use it for my dance classes, and so every week I have to go searching for it. I usually find it inside one of her toys, but it has been missing for the past few weeks.

One of my favorites was the combo lock. I mean, how weird is that?! She would carry it around like a little purse, and she really would not let go. It was a little dangerous because it was so thick and heavy and sometimes she might whack herself with it. So, that one had to be hidden away. 

Here's a picture of her sleeping with the orange Nixon watch. She clutches it like a teddy bear.

Figure 2.

sweater (or any article of clothing) and belt.

These are both things that Eliza loves to carry around the house and put around her head or neck. Really anything long enough (and not dangerous) she will throw around her head like a scarf and parade around the house. She is also really into sticking her arms into sleeves and any article of clothing with holes. 

shower curtain rings.

I have no idea. She found these in the drawer of the bathroom and won't give them back.


She usually has a piece of bread or cracker in her hand at all times. She doesn't actually eat it. Just carries it around and smooshes it into every dirty surface of the house or playground, and right when it is gross beyond all recognition she chooses to pop it in her mouth, if I'm not fast enough to grab it.


If she finds a pair of glasses or sunglasses, she brings it to me and insists that I wear them. It doesn't matter who's they are, or if we are inside or outside. I'm not allowed to take them off, either. 

the anti-bacterial hand soap.

So, I keep this in my diaper bag, and somehow she always breaks through all of my barriers and zippers to find it and chew on it. Once, she actually popped it open and drank a bit of it. No worries, we looked up details with poison control. She was totally fine. But, she did have vanilla bean breath all day.

Figure 3.

Baggu bag

Eliza drags these around the house all of the time- like a cape or something.


She is obsessed with our wallets. I don't let her play with them anymore because she keeps running off with the credit cards, but every once and awhile they are used as a last resort for entertainment. She pulls every card and receipt out one by one and then attempts to stuff them back in. If she even glimpses one of our wallets sitting out on a table, she erupts into one of her baby tantrums. 


Lately, she brings me shoes to put on her feet. It doesn't matter what size they are. Like Cinderella.


I once made the mistake of letting her taste a bar of some sort. These things always have so much sugar in them, so of course she's obsessed. She digs them out of my bag, hands it to me, and clasps her hands behind her back waiting to see if I'll open it. If I don't, she will find it again and try to puncture a hole with her tiny teeth. She usually succeeds.


She brings me books to read to her all day long. But, only her favorites. The less than favorite books will get shoved or thrown out of my hands if I attempt to stray from the reading list. 

As a bonus, here is a photo of Eliza wearing Sam's goggles like Kenny Fisher from Can't Hardly Wait. She wore them like this all afternoon...


  1. What an absolutely lovely idea! I may have to copy.

  2. great post and great idea for keeping track of these precious moments! the picture of her sleeping with the watch kills me. i've loved watching her grow via blog post.