berkeley walks.

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Berkeley has these stairs that cut up and down the hills, and in between the beautiful homes and gardens. These "secret staircases" could go unnoticed if you weren't looking close enough. They are sometimes marked with signs, sometimes large urns- but mostly you just have to keep an eye out for the wonky stone steps that cut through the greenery. You can pick up a path pretty much anywhere! The homes in Berkeley are gorgeous, and we always daydream of having our own house perched on the hill with a view of the Bay. 

There is something about pathways that seems so intriguing. I love that the paths have an intimate feel, as you really are cutting right through someone's yard. They remind me of the paths that I took while hiking across the English countryside during my study abroad. Our group hiked along many of the National Trails- footpaths that cut through people's crops, across fields dotted with sheep, or winding through the moors. Oh, I miss England.

Eliza gave Sam the book,  Secret Stairs: East Bay, and they have been marking off each path one by one. He takes her on a walk every Saturday morning, it's the sweetest thing. Sometimes I join along, and sometimes I take the opportunity to sleep in or watch a couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars (yep). 

I love that they have a little tradition! Eliza always loves a good adventure.

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