I never had to guess whether or not you would be a good father. 

I could see it in the way you care for your brothers, your mom and dad, and everyone around you. You are such a happy people-pleaser. I saw it when you cared for me- your new wife. You took my hand and twirled me around the dance floor while my skirt swished around my legs, and I thought I might burst. I saw it when you cared for my growing belly, running halfway across Brooklyn to buy me a Little Caesar's Hot N Ready, because "That's what the baby wants!" 

And, I saw it when you held Eliza in the hospital. She slept on your chest that first night when she was so, so small. You knew how to put a diaper on better than me, and you were so good at baby bench presses when she needed her "up-downs" to fall asleep. 

Thank you. Thank you for being my husband and my daughter's father. Thank you for working so hard to support us and for making her laugh the way you do. Thank you for making my job that much easier. This year we have grown and changed beyond all recognition and I am so proud of us. 

I knew you would be great at it, but you really are something special. And, I feel pretty special knowing that you're ours. Eliza loves her Papa.

Happy Father's Day, love.

R + E


  1. This is beautiful. Y'all are beautiful. I love all of you, and I've only met one of you. Thanks for making me cry <3<3<3

    1. You are the sweetest, Gaby. Thanks for making me smile :)