market shower.

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My friend Melanie is expecting a baby boy on the 4th of July! To celebrate, I pulled together a little brunch with a "farmer's market" theme. Sometimes it's nice to have a gathering where you can actually sit down and chat, especially if it involves food.

Sam helped me paint the menu sign on brown paper- glazed peaches, cinnamon bread, and baked eggs. I got all of the food from local groceries, and the bread from Acme Bakery down the street.  I wanted the meal to be served in small courses, so that everyone could enjoy it. I loved that it slowed everything down and gave everyone a chance to just sit back and relax. I chose food that could be baking in small ramekins or bowls, that way I could throw each course in the oven while we were eating the previous. It was surprisingly easy, but I'm glad I had Amanda to give me a hand with the prep!

I set up a market box filled with fresh flowers from the grocery, and fresh meyer lemons and rosemary from our yard. When the guests left they had a chance to pick what they wanted and we packaged it up in brown paper to go!

Melanie is going to be a great mama. She is a nanny to a cute girl that is just a couple of months older than Eliza, and she is such a pro. And, she's one of the most optimistic and kind people that I know. I'm glad that I got to celebrate with her, and we can't wait to meet Mr. Barlow Jr. I'm crossing my fingers for 4th of July fireworks!


  1. Did Melanie go to the Glendale 7th ward in Southern California by chance?

  2. I am just catching up on my blog reading and this is the loveliest post! You are just the best of the best. I can't wait for play dates and exploring time in the Bay. This was such a lovely and gorgeous shower!