daddy's visit.

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A couple of weeks ago my dad came to visit us! It took me awhile to sort through the bazillion photos that we took in that week long visit. I inherited my dad's love of photographing his family. So, between the two of us, we always have the best shots of the best days. Times a million.

And, this was just the best visit! My dad is one of my favorite visitors. He is so easy to please because he never makes me feel stressed about being a hostess. Also, because he genuinely loves everything you show him! You know how you talk something up so much that you just really hope your visitor likes it? Well, everything we ate, did, or saw was just "Fantastic! or "So Cooool!" I love making him smile!

We went to a Giants game, explored the Mission, toured Berkeley, went down memory lane in the South Bay, and hit up the Ferry Building Farmer's Market and Golden Gate Park. We went on a daddy-daughter date to Off the Grid in Oakland, a touring food truck rally and ate Korean sandwiches, Indian fries, and lemon-ricotta donuts while watching a flash dance mob. We went to 4th St in Berkeley (twice) and did our favorite drive through Muir Woods up to Stinson Beach.

Eliza loves Grandad. She, of course, waited until the last few days to really warm up, but when she did it was just heart-melting. She would giggle and roll all over his lap, and cuddle up to him. She had such a fun time.

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad a girl could ask for. He knows me better than I know myself. He is always one step ahead of my thoughts, but let's me find my own way. And, he is always there to catch me if I fall. I love you, Daddy!

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  1. So many kind words! And you are so easy to visit. Your family and home are loving, interesting, and inviting. It's a good thing you are my daughter. It saves so much time I would spend wishing you were. :-)