This girl is picky.

It is pretty much the most annoying thing ever.

I mean, I was not a picky eater when I was a kid. I feel like, "Hey, I was good to my parents! Why did I end up with a picky one!?"

She won't eat anything that I give her. It's such a game. It has to be presented to her in just the right fashion, with just the right amount of eye contact. It has to be just the right temperature, served in just the right container or cut in just the right shape. Or else, it's a no-go. She picks it up very meticulously between her two fingers, gives it a little taste with her tongue, looks straight at me while she lets it dangle over the side of her high chair, and then... very dramatically drops it on the ground. She knows I hate it when she does that. So, lately she has actually been hoarding it on her lap, and then slowly and stealthily pushing it through the leg holes of her chair.


She won't eat sticky things. She doesn't like getting her hands wet, or even moist for that matter. She wants to feed herself most days, but then- "Oh! Today I would like to be spoon fed!" Every once in awhile I feel like I have a winner- the food and presentation were right on and she's EATING! Then, the next second, she looks at you like you are crazy for even offering.

These are the many picky faces of Eliza during breakfast the other day. I mean, if she's going to drive me crazy. I should at least get a few laughs out of it. She's so dramatic!

Did I mention, that the only things she will "usually" eat without fail are recipes that involve a whole lot of work? I can make green curry lentil soup and she will guzzle it down- which is great! She can get a lot of nutrients from that. But, who the heck has time to make green curry lentil soup for three meals a day!? Why won't she just eat a few chunks of cantaloupe like a normal toddler?!

Oh, and one more for good measure:



  1. These are adorable!!!! haha. dang picky eaters!

  2. hysterical/the cutest pictures! also, she's SUPER tan!

  3. seriously, tannest baby ever! also, last picture—MINI SAM

  4. I was picky too and I turned out just fine. Well I am a foodie now, I appreciate good quality food!

  5. It's so nice to know that these cousins are just the same. I've gone straight to just lounging on the floor when we feed him because, heck, that's where the food ends up anyway. Leo prefers spitting his food out instead of throwing.
    Eliza is really too cute for words, can't wait to see her soon!

  6. OH man. She's killing me.