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This weekend we took a trip up to Mendocino to celebrate our anniversary. We haven't taken a trip in awhile. I forget how important they are to me, and to us. I don't need to go far, but I do need to get away from the every day. Not because I want to "get away" from my every day- but, because finding myself in a new environment allows me to step away, look in, and make sure I'm on the right track. Also, I believe in seeing new things- even if it's only a couple of hours away!

Eliza tagged along for the trip, which made the views that much cuter, eh? A good friend was kind enough to give us her family's Kelty pack, and Eliza loved it! Lately, she hasn't been too interested in any of our carriers. But, the Kelty pack was perfect because she was comfortable, but could still get a great view. And, you really can't beat the Northern California coast. Crashing waves, cliffs dripping with succulents, and a whitewashed lighthouse. We had the greatest time at sunset, watching Eliza trying to walk around on a huge bed of plants. She couldn't get a footing, so she would tumble every couple of steps- laughing and laughing as she rolled around on her face. 

She had a ball on this trip! The beach, the fields, the inn where we stayed the night- endless new spaces for her to explore. She loves digging her little fingers into the sand, or pulling things out of our bags one at a time. More than that, she loves to clutch things for long periods of time. When we would hike, she wanted to hold a hunk of bread in her hand the entire time. She might take a nibble every once in awhile, but mostly she just likes to hold it.

We explored the tiny towns and cute shops, hiked around the coast, and stopped in a redwood grove on the way home. We also stopped at Sea Glass Beach! The beach used to be a dump, and is now covered in glass "pebbles" from years of waves- brown, green, white, and the rare blue. Eliza would squat down and dig her fingers in the sea glass with a huge smile on her face. We collected a few in our shirt pockets, and after she noticed us doing this she kept trying to help by dumping big rocks down my shirt.

I decided that Sam and I are old souls. We were pretty much the only people in the town under the age of 75. Every coastline and town was dotted with happy, old couples hiking out into the sunset and it made me smile. Every single woman I ran across would fawn over Eliza and say, "Oh, I have a granddaughter/son that is one year old, too!" And, to top it off- we stayed at the inn where Murder She Wrote was filmed. HA! But, you know what? We had a great time. I love beautiful, peaceful places. I love adventures. And, I love my family.

Also, I love Sam. I don't know if I've said it enough lately. I think it's easy for me to get wrapped up in gushing about how much I love Eliza. But, can I take a second to gush about my husband? It's been four of the most amazing years. I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect partner in this life of mine. He is patient and kind and loving. He makes me so happy. I was getting all weepy the other day looking at old photos of mine, from our dating days and our wedding day and our newlywed days. It's my anniversary, so I can say this: I love Rox & Sam. We are pretty great.

Ok, I'm done now. (Until next year!) 

Thank you for whisking us away to Mendocino for the weekend, Sam. I love you!

Also, extra points for Sam for driving while I puked into a bag for the full length of the Richmond Bridge, and then pulling over and suppressing a gag while disposing of my plastic bag of vomit. (Now that's love!) Yep. Food poisoning from a taco shop in Cloverdale. Yikes!

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