mama's visit.

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My mama came to visit! Two weeks jam-packed full of fun- I can't stop smiling looking at all of these pictures. I miss her already.

After the birthday party festivities wrapped up, we spent the second week marking off our Bay Area bucket list. We went to the Oakland Zoo with friends to celebrate Eliza's birthday, explored the South Bay where my mom used to live, took a movie tour of San Francisco, spent Mother's Day driving through Muir Woods and relaxing at Stinson Beach, saw a movie at the fabulous Deco Alameda Theater, and of course, my very own Berkeley tour- lunch at Gregoire's, exploring UC campus (including a trip up the Sather Tower), dessert at Cream, and shopping at Elmwood and 4th Street. We stuffed our faces with Bay Area food and treats, and (hopefully) walked it all off in the California sunshine. Eliza gained four new Sandy Starr Originals- handmade outfits made right on my dining room table! My sewing machine got more use these past two weeks than it has in the past two years. And, Mama hit up every amazing fabric store, lace museum, and quilting museum in the Bay.

I love my mama. I miss my family every day. It's weird to think that I have been living away from home for so long now. But, these past two weeks have been a dream. I loved being able to share my world with her. And, even though it took Eliza awhile to warm up, by the end of the trip she was giggling and cuddling with her grandma. In fact, as I was uploading these photos, she kept pointing and smiling and laughing. She loves her Grandma!

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