keller beach.

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My friends and I discovered the most perfect beach only 10 minutes away from our house. The first week we found it, Eliza and I went four times and threw Sam a birthday party there. Keller Beach, at Point Richmond, is totally tucked away, never crowded, and just beautiful. So, of course, on one of the first days of my mom's visit we hit the beach with our friends!

Eliza loves the beach, especially with her little fellas. She loves crawling around after the boys. We were cracking up watching the kids play- Baby Stephen clutching a dead crab he found on the beach, Ruka singing made up songs, and Eliza shoving fistfuls of sand in her mouth. And, I couldn't stop smiling as I watched Eliza with my mom. She normally doesn't like to dip into the water- but on this day, she let my mom take her out and she would get a huge smile when a wave came in and tickled her feet. 

We have had such a great time with my mom, and we are excited about all of our plans for this next week! So far, we spent a day at Golden Gate Park, threw a birthday party, explored Berkeley, and now my mom is busy at the sewing machine making more cute outfits for Eliza. I really do have the best Mama...

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