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We had such a great visiting Utah the past few weeks. We made the trip specifically to go to Sam's brother's wedding. Adam and Kenzie had the most beautiful wedding, that was amazingly stress-free, and just perfect. It was so nice to be able to just show up and enjoy the event. I know my wedding wasn't that easy (whoops). Kenzie was gorgeous, and we couldn't be happier to welcome her into the family. With six brothers, I have always been excited to see who the sisters-in-law will be. And, Kenzie fits right in. She is always smiling, and so much fun to be around. 

During the rest of the trip we tried to see as many friends as we could, went on a few trips up to Salt Lake with the family, hiked to Stewart Falls, and ate at all of our Utah Valley favorites. Honestly, we are such Bay Area kids now- I could not handle the heat. Holy smokes, it was so hot. We would already be dragging by noon, and it made it difficult to make plans because we just weren't used to it! Eliza has never been that hot in her life. Her little cheeks were always rosy, and she would randomly flop in the grass and look at me like, "Dang, how do these people live here!?" It's ridiculous, because I grew up in hotter weather than this! I guess now I know why the real estate is so expensive in California. 

But, we still had such a good time! We beat the heat with multiple trips to the Hawaiian shaved stands. They give you these HUGE mounds of shaved ice, drowned in a couple of flavors off of their HUGE list. You can even add a scoop of ice cream to the center, or condensed milk to make it creamy. We were big fans. 

Eliza loved being with family. You have to work for her affection, but when she gives it back, it's the best. She would sit and watch the World Cup with the brothers, or stand up on a chair to watch Grandma cook dinner. She went on a lot of walks in Springville and even got to help feed some sheep. She was spoiled with treats, and would march around the living room showing off just to get a few laughs. She makes the funniest faces these days! She was totally spoiled with  treats, and always seemed to find the location of the cookie jar even after we hid it. 

It was so nice having the entire family in one place, even if just for a little bit. We miss you all!

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