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A couple of weeks ago we went out to Fremont to visit a pumpkin patch at J. E. Perry Farms. As much as I love the Bay Area weather, sometimes I miss seasons. I mean, a pumpkin patch in sunny 80 degree weather is just not the same. Especially when they are just rolled out on a dry field. Makes me miss Utah, and the East Coast. But, we still had fun! 

We picked out a good pumpkin for carving, and let Eliza wander all over. She has been completely obsessed with pumpkins ever since the season began. She points them out at the store and in decorations. She knows where all of the pumpkins are in the house. So, I thought she would just go crazy at the patch. But, I think she was pretty warm because she walked around in a total daze. I told her she could pick out a little pumpkin, but she didn't want any of them. She really started to perk up when we went under the tent, and then Christyn helped her pick out a small ear of "Indian" corn and she wouldn't let go of it. So, now it's sitting on our mantle, and she carries it around the house with her baby doll. "Cor, cor!"

This season has been so much fun! Eliza loves pumpkins and calls all of the scarecrows on display, "baby!" She has been really into all of the Halloween things at the dollar section in Target, and loved making Halloween cards for all of the family. We went to a Halloween store, which turned out to be a poor parenting decision on my part. It was scary! She stayed pretty close to me, but loved growling at all of the creature masks, "rawr!" It wasn't until I kept hearing say, "baby, baby, baby!" and I realized she was pointing at a very disturbing dead baby decoration, that I decided we needed to get out of there!

Sam carved a smaller pumpkin with a kitty face for Eliza, and she loves it. we decided to put our jack-o-lanterns in our fireplace this year so Eliza can play with them, and also to avoid the Bay Area three-day moldy mess of a pumpkin trend. It's been great, because she runs up to it multiple times a day, to say "mow, mow?" (meow)

Pumpkin patches will forever remind me of this day, though. That was at our first place in Provo, and our pumpkin sat out on the porch all through Christmas. Whoops.

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