eliza says, vol. 2

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This volume of "Eliza says" is a little more up to date. She is speaking in two and three word sentences, about anything and everything. She has a LOT to say, and she's finally becoming less shy about speaking to other people. I just love seeing how much she appreciates it when I understand what she says. It's fun being her translator. And, if I don't know a new word she is saying, she will say it over and over until I say it back and her little face melts into a satisfied smile.

So, here are just a few things she has been saying lately...

Eliza says:

at the party- Eliza loves her friends, and she talks about them all day. She even especially loves talking about her friends' moms. So, sometimes we play this game where I ask her, "Eliza who is coming to the party?" She usually answers by calling off all of her friends and family- "Ook, Megan, Sage, Gama, Dadad, Yucy, Dasi, Ilson, Dani." My favorite was when she went through a phase where "Anna and Elsa" were included at the party, quite often.

"mama come" "mama too" "matchy mama"- Eliza is a mama's girl, for now at least. She always wants me to be right with her, and she LOVES it when we match. If I put a skirt on- "Too Eziza, matchy tutu!"

"baby shhhh"- Eliza's baby is not usually allowed to leave the house, so that it doesn't get destroyed. Also, because I feel like some times should feel special and be treated with more respect. So, when we leave we usually put her baby down for a "nap." So, when we are out and about if she suddenly remembers her baby, she goes "baby shhhh." Which then turned into the logical conclusion that if anyone is at their home, when we are out, they are probably napping. "Luke, shhhh" or "Papa, shhhh."

"that?" (what's that?)- She is such a curious thing. She constantly points out everything she sees, calling it by name. And, if she doesn't know what something is, she asks "That?" and then repeats everything I say.

"annie" (another or other)- I don't know where this word came from, and took me a long time to figure out what it meant. But, it's one of the few made up words that she uses very specifically. If she is putting on her shoes and she can't find the other, she asks "annie, annie?"

snaps- Eliza started copying me one day while snapping my fingers- she would pinch her little thumb and forefinger, and then click her tongue really loudly. Clever girl.

"tood!" (attitude)- Eliza is finally loving to dance! She loves her tutus and Ella Bella book. And sometimes we have dance parties in our living room, where she spins around in circles and kicks her legs, and jumps up and down. She used to lean on the coffee table and kick her leg back in a perfect "attitude." So, I taught her what it was called and she would kick and yell "Tood!"

"pop"- When something breaks it "pop"s. I think she picked this up from balloons popping. But, it's so cute to hear her concerned little voice yell, "pop! pop!" when her favorite, pink crayon breaks in half.

"keen" (clean)- Eliza is very intense when it comes to her cleanliness. Sometimes I worry about it. She gets very concerned when she spills something on herself (which is funny because her dress is soaked in these pictures). She also constantly needs to wipe down her highchair as she is eating. She loves playing with wipes, and walking around the house to clean off surfaces. I'm not complaining!

"apples"- I hesitate to share this one, but it's too funny not to mention. The other day we were sitting in church and Eliza pats my chest and says, "apples!" I mean, we know they aren't melons, that's for sure. But, give me a little credit, E! After all, I'm going to have to blame Eliza for that. But, let's not go into details about the state of my post-breastfeeding boobs...

"nipple" - Ok, since we are already talking anatomy here- Eliza just discovered her nipples the other day. And, it was hilarious. She was stripped down for dinner, because we were having spaghetti. She took a napkin and tried to clean off some sauce, while trying very hard to clean off her nipples. Then, she tried to pull it off. Then, she stopped and looked at me with a perplexed face and asked "That??" When I explained to her that it was her nipples, you could see the wheels start turning as she suddenly realized that we all have nipples! (HA!) So, now a favorite topic of conversation at the dinner table goes, "Nipple, nipple, nipple. Mama. Papa. Eziza!"

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