eliza says, vol. 4

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Ah, how do I keep up with this girl!? There are just too many great tidbits of Eliza, and I just don't know how to write it all down. I started recording "conversations with Eliza" - which I love - but, they take too long to upload and edit. How do all you parents record your littles? I want to remember everything!

She loves to dance. She loves to jump. She loves to be a helper, and has declared herself a "big girl."

Eliza says, vol. 4:

stories- Eliza asks me to tell her stories sometimes. They always start the same, "Once upon a time their was a little girl named... Eliza." And then I make up a story about Eliza and all of her friends and family. Or, I tell the story of our day. Or, she will request a story about a particular person. it's one of my favorite things we do.

"ABCs" "1-10"- Any time she sees letters, she exclaims "ABCs!!" And then, she "reads" the words by pointing her little finger at each letter and saying, "A, B, C, B, A, A, C, B..." She also loves counting. I didn't even know she could count, and then one day she is singing "1, 2, 3..." all the way to 10!" Ah! That sounds like such a big kid thing, it kills me. 

"I dood it"- The most common phrase in our house. "No, I dood it!" She wants to do everything by herself, and so everything takes ten times longer than it's supposed to. But, it's worth it because after all her tiny grunts, with a scrunched nose and furrowed brow, comes the biggest, brightest smile and "I DID IT!"

"let me go!"- I don't know where this came from. Maybe a movie or something? But, she says it all the time- when I try and smother her with hugs, or when I'm trying to get her to take a bath. One time I overheard her playing with her toys, and through the chatting and yelling, I hear "No! Let me go!" Sometimes it's really embarrassing... Like, when I'm in a parking lot and I'm forcing her to hold my hand and she's wiggling around yelling "Let me go! Let me go!" I swear she's mine!

"Eliza Baby" and "Sage-y Baby"- Eliza's best friend Sage gave her a little baby doll for her birthday. It's actually a smaller version of her other baby doll. And she LOVES both of them so much. She now has to have both of her babies all the time. They are "best friends" and they give each other hugs. She softly kisses their head and tucks them into beds she makes out of pieces of felt and laundry baskets. Her first baby, she named "Eliza Baby." And her second baby was named, "Sage-y Baby." Sometimes we get home late at night from a drive, and she's dead asleep when we put her in her crib. She will roll over, clutching Eliza Baby- and as we are about to close her bedroom door we hear a sleepy, "Sage-y Baby?"

"own baby" (one baby)- Whenever we go somewhere, Eliza is now allowed to bring one baby in the car to sit with her. She started copying my serious tone when I would look at her armful of toys and say, "You can bring ONE baby." So, now when we are getting ready to go out she will look at me all serious, stick out her fingers, and say "OWN baby?"

"Ok?"- She also copies my tone when I say something like, "We need to eat lunch first, Ok?" So, now she finishes many of her sentences with, "Ok?" I laugh every time she says it. Some of her favorites are, "No run or get owies, ok?" or "Be soft or will break, ok?"

"oopsie daisy"- I guess I must say this. Who knew? She will drop a blueberry on the ground and daintily say, "Oopsie, daisy."

"Oh, Papa fix it."- Whenever something breaks or is found broken or out of place, Eliza gets very concerned. She really likes things to be just so. So, I will assure "It's broken, but it's ok!" And she will say, "Oh... Papa fix it." And, after this confident declaration of relief, she will go about her business. I love that she says this, because I love to see that assured look on her face that Papa can make anything better. (But, I also love to tell her that Mama can fix it, too! :)

We took these pictures on a beach day recently, where Eliza was happily running around in her ruffle swimsuit jumping off of logs and playing in the sand and water with her friends. It was a happy day. And, here's a paparazzi picture of this sassy girl...


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  1. Oh man, she is adorable! These are all so cute! Nolan always says, "Yeah?" to answer any question or when he wants anything at all - in my exact same tone of voice. Apparently I say that a lot? I record my kids as often as I can (we try to do "interviews" weekly, where I ask them random questions, on video) - but they rarely act like themselves when they're being recorded. And then I just file it away with all my photos and never look at it again, until maybe a year or two later and then it's fun! I can record and transcribe later - it's kind of MORE fun coming across something I haven't seen before! (Except when it actually happened.) When are you guys coming to visit us???