grandad's visit, part 4.

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On our last day together, we made the big drive down to Big Sure. We figured, he's here so we might as well do it! I've been wanting to take my dad since the last time we went because I knew he would be blown away. And he was!

We made all of our favorite stops, and somehow smashed in a lot in just one day. We stopped at our favorite bakery in Monterey Bay, stopped at the Bixby Bridge, ate lunch at Nepenthe, saw the beautiful McWay Waterfall, and took a walk at Point Lobos. Nothing beats those shades of blue waters, rocky cliffs, and sweeping views. We even got to watch the Golden Gate Warriors win the Championship while eating pizza and gelato in Monterey on our way back home. 

Our house always feels a little empty when visitors go home, and Eliza has been asking for Grandad for days now. She's added Grandad into the mix whenever she's happy, "Yuv you, Grandad!" or when she's sad, "Mama, Papa, Grandad, Mama, Papa, Grandad!" Or, when she's just mad at me, in general "No Mama! Grandad go!?" She loves him. We miss you, Daddy!

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  1. big sur = perfect ending
    missing y'all = :-(
    missing Eliza = :-(((