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A few weeks ago, the two youngest Gray brothers came out to the Bay to visit us! Anthony just left for the Lubbock, TX Mission for our church, and we won't be seeing him for two whole years. So, it was fun to have one last weekend with these guys together. We are so proud of him, and look forward to hearing about all the good work he does. 

It's crazy to think that Eliza will be four years old when he comes home! She was in uncle heaven with these boys here. They give her so much attention, and she was eating it up. We took them into the city for a day and went on a hike out to Stinson Beach on another day. They were even here for Eliza's birthday party, and her subsequent toddler-birthday-hangover the next day, which is why she looks so sleepy in most of these pictures! Their trip "coincidently" landed on the weekend that the A's played the Red Sox, so I go to witness some little, boy baseball dreams come true as we sat just behind the Sox bullpen all night.

Since Anthony and Aaron are the youngest, I feel like we've always had a fun relationship. I've never had brothers, let alone younger brothers- and Aaron and Bones are the quintessential "younger brothers." We tease each other, and geek out about Harry Potter knowledge. These boys are the best. I always joke that their future wives are really in for it, because by the time they come around there will be a lot of people they need to impress!

Miss you boys already! 

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