christmas in utah.

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Christmas in June!

We spent this past Christmas in Utah with Sam's family. It was all a bit of a blur because I was in the throes of first trimester sickness. We would play all day, and by 6pm I was holed up in bed in the basement watching Veronica Mars on the iPad and falling asleep at ridiculously early hours. 

But, we did have a lot of fun. Eliza loves to go to Utah, especially in the winter when there is snow. She could play in it for hours before you started to notice that she was shivering. There's nothing cuter than kids in winter wear. Tiny peacoats and tights, or puffy snow suits and boots. Just puffiness in general- ya just wanna squeeze 'em!

She went sledding for the first time, (if you don't count when she was a baby and I would only allow Sam to drag us around on a flat surface....very slowly.) She LOVED it. She rode down over and over with Sam and the uncles, and even got a few solo rides on the lower end of the hill. She was also super excited to make a snowman, and art directed the entire endeavor from below. She insisted that the snowman have a Burl Ives beard, like in the Rudolph movie. 

Eliza loves visiting her Utah family because there are always tons of people around for her to entertain. Especially when she got a big, puffy princess dress for Christmas and danced around the house leaving a trail of glitter. She gets plenty of attention there, and always lots of love. One of my favorite times was when we all went after hours to the elementary school where Nancy works. The boys played basketball, and Nancy pulled out all the gym equipment for the kids to run wild with. Eliza was running around in her pajamas, squealing and laughing with her cousins. 

It was fun looking back at these pictures- Christmas with the Grays is always magical and fun. It's crazy to think that since that family picture, Eliza now has three new cousins! And, we are adding one more to mix.

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  1. Eliza looks very fashionable and the snowman is excellent.