palm springs.

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Back in Ferurary, Sam and I were planning a "babymoon." We were going to go, just the two of us, to Cozumel to semi-recreate our honeymoon. We are big supporters of the babymoon, especially after the success of our last trip to Puerto Rico when I was pregnant with Eliza. But, this time around, all odds were against us. We couldn't figure out the best care situation to leave Eliza, and then news of the Zeka virus started to flood the media. Oh, Mexico. We will be back for you!

In the end, Sam planned a really wonderful trip to Palm Springs to make up for it. Not quite a babymoon, since Eliza came along. But, beautiful and relaxing, all the same. 

We drove down, and even had the chance to stop and stay a night with good friends in San Diego. It was great to see friends and watch the kids all play together. I had one horrible episode with Eliza that left me literally crying in the guest room- involving a two year old who refused to wear panties, and a pregnant woman with insane hormones. So, it's a good thing we were on our way to paradise. 

We stayed at the best place, one of my favorite Airbnb finds. It's called the Thirteen Palms, and we were lucky enough to be the only ones staying at the place. The other three or four units were empty! Which means, we had a beautiful apartment with a perfectly private pool and hot tub all to ourselves. It was so nice to just step outside our door and jump in the pool, and to not feel like we needed to shush Eliza or anything.

We always book our stays with Airbnb, and it's usually always the best decision. I love having a little privacy, especially traveling with a kid. And, I love how unique and beautiful they usually are. Also, Eliza thinks that we own houses all over the world, so that's awesome. She still talks about how she misses our "Palm Springs house." When we left, she very matter-of-factly stated, "We should get a pool at our Berkeley house." Yes, Eliza. Yes, we should.

We basically relaxed poolside for most of the trip. Eliza becomes part fish, with her pink Puddle-Jumper on, and could stay in the water all day if we let her. We took naps, and I finished a book (!) with hardly any distraction. It was lovely. The weather was great, getting warm enough to enjoy a good swim but not hot enough that you melt into a puddle on the sidewalk. 

We explored the main streets, peeking in thrift ships and the rows of mid-century modern antiques stores. Sam was in heaven as we drove around and admired iconic mid-century homes and buildings while Eliza took naps in the car. I even wrangled wiggly Eliza through the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center, only to almost get kicked out by some pretty intense security guards because Sam kept trying to take pictures. They followed us around very closely for the remainder of the exhibit, within five feet I swear.

We ate at some so-so places, striking out just a bit on restaurants. Except for the three visits we made to Great Shakes for milkshakes. I dream about these shakes. On our last day, we left town and then turned around 20 minutes out to go back and get one last shake. It was worth it.

More to come!

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  1. That area used to be the weekend home to the stars. It's a good thing y'all went because they are experiencing some serious wildfires right now.