samantha's first.

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Eliza and I spent some time in Texas, back in April, to visit my family. It worked out nicely that our trip was taken during my spring break, and happened to land on the week of both of my nieces birthdays. So, Eliza had some cousin time and I got some much needed sister time- especially when we were crafting and party prepping at 1am while watching Bring It On and eating piƱata candy. Desi dreamed up two pretty magical parties, and I got to come along for the ride and help her bring them to life. 

Samantha turned one! She is such a doll. She has these sparkly eyes that follow you around the room, and she is one of the happiest babies you will come across. I hadn't seen her since last September, so it was really fun to see her crawling around, with those wispy, little curls starting to play around her face. Desi wanted to the theme to be, "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." Since, she most certainly does. So, she settled on a fancy Kate Spade inspired brunch, with plenty of pink and gold.

We pulled some ideas together on this board, and ordered a couple of things ahead of time. But, a last minute slumber party was in order- putting out place settings, prepping food, and hot-gluing flowers till the early morning hours. It was really nice. I don't get to spend much alone time with my older sister, since having our girls. Usually, we plan kid-friendly outings and then I spend the night at my dad's. But, these sister sleepovers definitely need to happen more often. 

The party was a huge success, even after a threatening weather forecast brought the brunch inside. We served tiny breakfast items, and Desi made the most beautiful cake. The kids all ate in the kitchen, while the adults sat at a long table in the living room. We even took turns toasting our well-wishes for the little one. It was sweet. 

Happy (late) Birthday, Miss Samantha! You are so loved.

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