brooklyn botanic garden.







This last weekend Sam and I took advantage of free admission at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It's only about a 10 minute bike ride, just past Grand Army Plaza and right next to the Brooklyn Museum (peeking through the trees in that first photo). It was a gorgeous day, and the place was huge. It made me kind of homesick for England, wandering huge lawns and well-manicured gardens.

They were celebrating the grand opening of a new visitor's center, so they were offering free admission, kids booths, wandering musicians, and art installations. There was a beautiful installation called Sun Boxes out on one of the lawns. It's like a huge solar-powered instrument that just makes you want to lay in the grass and fall asleep. Really peaceful. There was a fiddler in the rose garden and a hammer dulcimer player in the Japanese tea garden. I think Sam liked the indoor climate controlled rooms the best. There are some pretty amazing plants in this world. And, that is the biggest lily pad I have ever seen in my life.

After the garden we hit the farmer's market at Grand Army and bought a cold liter of fresh apple cider, then biked home through Prospect Park. I missed the turn off and didn't complain when I rode an extra 15 blocks through the park. We had about five other things we had planned on doing that day, but sometimes you just have to take whatever NYC dishes out. I watch tourists stress out every day about trying to hit everything on the list in two days. I'm pretty grateful that I am in no big of a hurry.

You know, you are always welcome to come and visit- we have a pretty awesome couch. Summer vacation, anyone? Get out here!

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