leafy greens.


Let me tell you something about New York City- everything tastes good. Everything from the swanky restaurants to the corner dive delis. It's just so easy to pick something up to eat, instead of making the trek home in time for dinner. And, even though it's pricey to eat out so much- it's about the same price as buying food at the grocery store. Mmmm I miss, H-E-B. But, that's not an excuse to get chubby, eh?

It's getting a little out of hand here, and Sam and I are making new resolutions to treat our bodies better. We don't get nearly enough produce and whole grains in our diet, and we are definitely lacking in the exercise department. The result- absolutely no energy! We're dragging ourselves home on the train everyday (or falling asleep on the train- risky!) So, here's the new plan- leafy greens, whole grains, and exercise. We're making it happen. We are going back to the basics.

We've been pretty good with spinach- salads, smoothies, sandwiches, quiche. But, we need a little help. Recipes, ideas? Keep in mind, we're looking for fresh and easy- dinners and packed lunches. Ready, set go...


  1. I will start emailing some to you. :-)

  2. Johnny and I have really been trying to start everyday out with oatmeal with brown sugar, and fresh berries. It's inexpensive and gets me on track for the rest of the day to make good food decisions! But honestly, you're in NY--I know I wouldn't be able to restrain myself either way.