park slope.







We moved in to our new apartment two months ago, and we're slowly (very slowly) setting up house. I thought that it would be so easy! When we first got married and moved into our little house in Utah, it took us forever to acquire all the necessary things to really make it feel like a home. I thought that since we had everything already, it would just take a couple of weeks of unpacking boxes. Right? No.

I guess no matter where you move, and what time in your life you do it- it's never very simple. It is absolutely impossible to fit one home into another home. Nothing quite fits-- walls are different lengths, cupboards are different sizes, and curtains drag the ground. And, it goes without saying that New York apartments are just not quite as spacious as... anywhere else in the world. And, many of them do not even have closets. So, we bought a few wardrobes, scooted the furniture around a bit, and we're making it work.

Someday, I'll get pictures up of the apartment. But, for now I take pride in introducing you to our beautiful neighborhood: Park Slope. Everything is totally worth this neighborhood. Whenever I stand in the bathroom and stare at that ugly purple wall that we still haven't had time to paint; whenever it rains and we are chasing after the (ants!) that take refuge in our kitchen; and whenever I regret the day I compromised for a garden apartment that has absolutely no sunlight-- I just take a step outside and look around. I live in the most beautiful neighborhood in Brooklyn. The tree-lined streets slope up to Prospect Park, snug with the prettiest brownstones you've ever seen. There are Park Slope mamas and nannies scooting strollers, hip kids running around in Salt Water sandals, and Brooklyn-ites zipping down the street on cruisers with baskets full of fresh groceries. And there is a gorgeous, old church on every corner. The church on our corner plays the bells every hour, and I've never heard them play the same hymn twice.

So, when life gets hard- and trust me, it does. I have to remind myself of the beautiful things in my life. Today, it's Park Slope.

(Our apartment is the garden level of the third picture, right behind the lamp post, with the squiggle bars.)


  1. So fun! We have some friends in the Park Slope ward--the Donkins. I know Shiloh from back home. Small world!

  2. I think I see Carrie Bradshaw in one of your photos....ha ha.

  3. Your photography is so beautiful!(: