mrs. starr


My mom is retiring this week, after a 29-year teaching career. I am so proud of her, and I owe so much to everything she has taught me. She was always my mom and my teacher, but it's humbling to realize how many other lives she has touched.

Mama was attached to that watermelon pink sewing machine, and so many important pieces of my life came through that machine. There were tiny doll dresses whipped up in minutes, yards of ribbon on a tedious dance costume, and matching Easter dresses every year. I was a fabric snob, a design junkie, and just couldn't possibly wear a store-bought Halloween costume. I can remember special afternoons when she let me pull on all her old prom dresses she made for herself when she was 17, and that dress I made "by myself" only because she cleaned up after my efforts. And, there are still always late night chats laying on the bed staring at the ceiling fan, while she sits at her machine guiding every stitch into place. That is what home sounds like to me. That's what I grew up falling asleep to.

Awhile back, she took a job at Thomas Jefferson High School- where she grew up and graduated. She has built an amazing fashion design program at Jeff, which culminates each year in a final fashion show. For her last ever show, my sisters and I pulled together a little presentation to celebrate her career by inviting all of her old students and showing a slideshow of all her achievements. I wish I could have been there. But, you can read about it on my sister's blog. And, just because my mom is such a star(r), you can also read about it in this San Antonio Express News article- which was printed in color in the Sunday paper! Love you, Mama. You deserve it.

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