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Payless Check Signing Event


Ok, obviously I know that this is a little late in coming. Let me just tell you one thing: NYC is not convenient. Nothing is convenient. I have to schedule a time slot for every little thing that I want to do, and blogging has definitely fallen by the wayside. Sometimes I miss those summer days when I was freshly graduated, sitting around in our spacious, low rent house blogging about picnics and road trips. (Actually, that sounds so wonderful right now.) But, really we love it here and couldn't be happier. It just takes adjustment, that's for sure.

Polyvore Live was just wonderful. I thought that I would have a quick chance to snap some pictures backstage (what was I thinking?) I spent the whole day running around filling gift bags, labeling seats, and organizing programs. And, then when the masses showed up I was stationed at the front desk with an earpiece blaring in my ear trying to take down names with a smile. It was such a rush, and I loved it. I stole these pictures from many of the bloggers that walked in the show. I think it was a great thing, and I felt like it made a little splash in the fashion world. Up and coming designers, with a cast of well-loved bloggers. It was fun to be a part of the production and see every single detail that went into such a huge event. And, when the show was over, we could all smile and give a happy sigh of relief. I feel like I was thrown into the hurricane by arriving at TH right in the middle of Fashion Week, but I completely loved it. This last shot is of me and some of the TH staff backstage. All smiles.

You can see our work at
TH Productions. The photos I pulled are from Jen Senn at TH, Polyvore, FrouFrouu, Sincerely Jules, Cali Vintage, and Holier Than Now. And, check out this video from backstage!

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