the ludlow shop.







A couple if weeks ago, I managed a little promo for the opening of the new J. Crew Ludlow Shop. Have you ever seen The Liquor Shop? It's a pretty great J. Crew menswear shop in TriBeCa, housed in an old liquor shop complete with beautiful brandished wood bar. Well, their suiting outgrew the little shop, and was moved to a new store just down the street at 50 Hudson. The Ludlow Shop is solely dedicated to suiting, named after their signature suit-- The Ludlow. To celebrate the opening, TH executed a little campaign involving this beautiful, vintage Citroen. We gave rides to anyone at The Liquor Store who wanted to check out the new Ludlow Shop. It was a huge success, marked mostly by the way a man's eyes would light up when they saw this awesome car sitting out front; the way they grinned when I told them that they could actually take a ride in it; and to top it off, the almost-giddy way they would wander around the suiting shop, being fitted for a jacket or trying out a handful of bowties. It's one of those times when men get their share of the fun.

Later in the day, Sam stopped by to say hello and take a quick ride. He was in heaven at the shop, and I wanted him to take home everything he touched. Maybe I will settle by surprising him with a new pair of socks.

Gentlemen of NYC, head over to The Ludlow Shop soon. We will be giving rides every weekend in March!

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