park slope.

We did it! That smile on his face is called abeamingsighofrelief. We have found and signed a lease for an apartment after a very long month. Actually, we signed two weeks ago (I just haven't found the time to say anything.) But, we can't move in for...another month. That would sound more like asmallannoyedmoan. That means that we will continue to live out of overflowing suitcases in our sublet in Harlem for another month. It's ok, though, because it is all going to be perfectly worth it. After long nights of searching listings online, weekend trips around the city to look at cruddy apartments. Now, we have found a home. It is a beautiful ground floor, two bedroom apartment in this cute, old brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We also have a backyard! And, if that little square of earth isn't enough for us, we live only a block and a half from Prospect Park that looks a little like this.

I can remember when we were packing to move, I was so insistent that we just find a place online and move in right away--to avoid the sublet and storage situation. But, now I am so grateful that I didn't let myself be too stubborn. For those not familiar with the city, it is almost impossible to find a nice two bedroom apartment with great landlords, a backyard, and a beautiful neighborhood all in one package. Now, you can understand what that smile means to us. That man looks like a home-owner, because with as much trouble and money we put down for that apartment--he practically is!

Happy weekend, everyone. We are counting down the days until April 1st!

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