sublet living.







I was so excited to see a little sun peeping through the curtains that I decided to pop out the camera. We have been juggling the occasional head-cold over here, and it was Sam's turn to be out for the weekend. I felt bad for the guy, and tried to fill him up with soup and goodforyouthings. It's funny, when I am sick I lay around the house like a slug and force Sam into servitude. But, I spent half the weekend trying to convince him that he needed to lay down and practically had to force him into bed while he dragged his laptop around the house trying to get work done. This kid doesn't know how to take a sick day. Most of the weekend was spent indoors, although we did venture out for a few walks in the new spring air.

We actually haven't spent very much time in our own area of Harlem. We usually meet up with people downtown, and we've found that living in West Harlem is about the same as if we lived all the way in Jersey. It's so far from anyone and everything. And, we are getting a little weary of our sublet situation. Subleasing in the city is completely odd. Maybe it's just me, but I had never really heard of it before our move. For those that don't know, subleasing means that we are living in someone else's fully furnished apartment while they are away. We sleep in their bed, use their dishes, and live out of suitcases while our things are in a storage unit in the Bronx. It's been a bit of a hassle, to say the least. I'll spare you the details, to avoid venting. Instead, I took a few quick shots inside on our day off. It's actually a really beautiful apartment. Try to imagine this apartment how it is meant to be, and not how it is right now.

I feel like you can tell a lot about a person after living in their apartment for so long. This is what I feel like I know about her:
1. She is a chef (Ok, I may have already known this.) She has many beautiful copper pots and pans.
2. She doesn't take herself too seriously. Her toilet seat has fish on it.
3. She is pretty active. She has one couch, and it's not really for lying down on.
4. She is a bit spontaneous. None of her dishes really match, and she has an eclectic assortment of flatware.
5. She doesn't get too lonely. She has a dog, and 19 plants.


  1. Have you joined the nyc lds housing list? If you need more info, you can email me at

    1. Thanks for the offer! We do know about the housing list, and we actually just recently signed for a place in Brooklyn! We are just waiting for our move in date (April 1st) which seems like forever. :)

  2. I did some subleasing when I moved to DC (right after BYU). I moved into a hotel right after that for several weeks - best. upgrade. ever. But good luck moving. Hopefully you're both feeling better by then.

  3. Roxanne! I am loving the frequent blog posts from you two :) It sounds like you are having such a fun adventure in the Big City! I am so happy to see that you found such a great job so quickly (they are lucky to have you!) and that Sam is liking his job :) Text me soon because I somehow lost your number and I want to ask you something :)