color and skin.

Spring is here. Or, it is teasing us at least. It goes like this:

Day One: Out of habit, I bundle up like the kid in A Christmas Story and don't realize until after I arrive at work, sweating and uncomfortable-- that Spring has arrived.
Day Two: I arrive at work with no pants and open toed shoes. Heaven.
Day Three: We wake up to death outside our windows, and pull out the coat again.

Well, make up your mind already so that I can retire my well-worn winterwear. Boots and coats get trashed here in the city. My boots are worn through to the soles, and my brand new coat has seen better days. But, I have had a small taste of Spring in the city and I can't wait!

It seems that once New Yorkers get a glimpse of that warm weather on the horizon, they transform. I was afraid to wear anything but black since we got here. But now, with Spring on the way, it is all about color and skin. A little warmth, and out come the bare legs! A little sun, and suddenly the city is blooming with color. And this season is all about the bold and bright. So, in honor of color and skin, I give you a little Spring Collection. It's made up of all those colorful little bits in the shop that you thought you couldn't pull off just yet. Well, the time has come.

1. hot pink button mini dress- a little bit Audrey.
2. lime green maxi- the perfect pop.
3. burnt orange maxi- barefoot in the park.
4. yellow shirtdress- take it for a ride on your cruiser.

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  1. It's like our trip to Chicago at spring break. Everyone was dressed in black and our winter coats were bright red, columbia blue, etc. I thought we had interrupted a funeral. I don't get it. If you dress in black down here you might get accidentally shot by a deer hunter. Ha ha.