Two days after the Polyvore show, we executed a cool, little pop up show on the city streets. Basically, we loaded everything in a van, arrived at a location, popped up a backdrop, and walked 14 models down a runway on a busy sidewalk. We did it twice- once in SoHo and once at Union Square. It was a fun little promotion for U by Kotex, and drew a great crowd. The clothing was styled by Patricia Field (stylist of Sex & The City, Ugly Betty) so it was outrageous and colorful. I loved it. And, yes that is Miss Hannah Jones of ANTM Cycle 16 (Of course, I still watch this show. Not embarrassed at all.) I was out in the drizzling rain, helping with our crowd and trying to catch a few photos on my phone. It was fun to see everyone confused and asking questions as they stopped to watch, or crowded at office windows to look down. Here's a little video of the day:

Did you see my little cameo?

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