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Last Sunday was Eliza's blessing day- a perfect Father's Day. True to form, Eliza cried through half of the blessing, while Lucy wiggled and yelled in the back of the chapel. These girls are definitely related. They sure like to party.

Sam gave a really beautiful blessing. I have loved watching Sam become a daddy. He already had it in him. He was always one of those guys that can take a babe and hush it to sleep in seconds, while I am awkwardly trying to figure out how to "support the head." It comes from helping his mom with all those brothers growing up. This definitely wasn't his first time at the changing table. In fact, I believe I have been corrected on my diaper changing abilities more than once over the past few weeks. But, I guess I am responsible for one or two blow outs due to a lose diaper job.

Happy (late) Father's Day, Sam Gray. Eliza is so lucky to have you. 

And to you too, Daddy! I love you. I haven't been with my dad on Father's Day for years- it was was my favorite day of the entire visit. The whole family sitting at our dinner table, with the babes. We threw a huge feast on the grill, and relaxed all afternoon. It reminded me of Lucy's blessing day, which coincidently was held on Mother's Day last year.

And, the dress? My mom made it. She is amazing like that. It was designed after a christening dress we saw in a book from the 1800s. I'm an heirloom kind of girl. I'm just hoping that Eliza will be, too. Because, what else am I going to do with all of these treasures I've been hoarding for all of these years?

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  1. WOW! So beautiful! She sounds like Ginger! haha that dress is too beautiful to even fathom! I'm loving these pix!