blow dryer.

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Eliza loves this blow dryer. We discovered it by accident one night, trying to warm her up after a bath. And pretty soon the blow dryer became a regular in the soothing line up. The second you blow it on her face she calms down. Part of it is probably the white noise, but part of it is that she loves that wind on her face. Her whole body goes limp and relaxed, except for her feet which will float up towards the mouth of the blow dryer while she spreads out her toes happily.

We like to think that it is a sign that she will be an adventurous one. You know, a girl that loves the wind on her face and her hair whipping around like a wild thing. (She also loves driving with the windows down.) We're crossing our fingers that it doesn't mean she is destined to be a pampered princess. Eeek!

Oh, and the band-aid is from her shot at the doctor's that morning. I promise we are taking good care of this little human. In fact, she hardly even noticed the shot. They gave it to her while she was feeding, and she screamed for 2.2 seconds and continued to eat like nothing happened. The doctor said it was a sign of her personality- I think she'll be a tough girl!

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  1. Nursing while getting shots or blood drawn or any other painful doctor procedure is the best idea ever. Vera had to get blood drawn 3 times and she nursed through the second two times like it was nothing. It's in my plan for her two-month visit this Friday. Lots of shots! :(