pier 39.

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My family came in to stay with us this past week. We're talking six adults and two babies, in a two bedroom house. It was a little crazy, to say the least, but totally worth having everyone under one roof. On Saturday, we ventured in to the city with the babes. It was nice to get out and explore a little more. Sam and I are really not familiar with San Francisco, so we never know what to recommend to friends and family when they come in town.

My family hadn't been to San Francisco since we were kids- meaning Danielle was so young she can't even remember the trip. I was only eight or so, but I can remember snippets of our West Coast tour and we have albums of photos to prove it. When we were little, we would drag out the photo albums and lay on the ground flipping through the pages. Many shots of three little, windblown girls in neon windsuits standing in front of the Golden Gate.

This last weekend the family took the train in and hit up Chinatown, Ghirardelli Square, and Fisherman's Wharf- and Sam, Eliza, and I drove in to meet them at Pier 39. We walked the pier, ate soup and sandwiches, and watched the sea lions. Eliza slept through the whole trip, but Lucy was having a ball. I was pretty impressed at how well she did on these long day trips in the city. She was perfectly content sitting in her stroller clutching her yellow balloon. Lucy can draw a crowd really fast. They have that girl trained to be cuter than any street performer. She will wave and say hi, blow kisses, mimic noises, laugh on command, and toddle around on those chubby legs. It's so fun seeing how her personality has grown since we last saw her.

Many more photos to come!

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  1. Best week of the year and best Father's Day everrrrrrrrrrr.