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Of course, we had to put the baby cousins in matching dresses and take a million pictures of them. And,  mean a million- because it is very difficult to catch both babies looking good. When Lucy is looking adorable, Eliza is cross-eyed and toppling over. When Eliza is looking cute, Lucy is done with the photo shoot and getting angry. But, really- they're always just so darn cute.

Lucy was such a good big cousin. We would lay Eliza down on the quilt, and Lucy would come and sit next to her. Every once and awhile she might get a little too excited and scare Eliza, but for the most part she was very gentle. Eliza would just stare up at her. I feel like they are going to be good friends.

It's so weird to see the two side by side. Lucy has always been the baby, and now Eliza seems so tiny compared to her. I remember going to Texas to be with my family when Lucy was this age. It was the moment I really knew for sure that it was time for us to start our own family. I was totally in love with that sweet babe. And, now she is over a year old, and I have my own little baby girl. Someday there will be many more cousins around the house. Can you imagine?

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  1. you are GLOWING roxanne. what a happy family you have.