E at Rapt

Earlier this week, Eliza and I drove into the city to meet up Sam and his mom for lunch. We ate at Foundation Cafe, near Sam's office- and then headed up to Rapt to introduce Eliza to the crew. It was so cute watching Sam proudly walk her around the office, showing her off like a little trophy. He loves to show people how she has two different shaped ears. It makes her special.

She loved the office. We're developing her design taste at a young age- she only likes to sit in extremely expensive, well-designed chairs. And, there were so many fun shapes and lights for her to look at it. She didn't cry the entire time we were there. In fact, she loved it so much she had three major blowouts- all within an hour or so of each other. We kept having to run to the back of the office to change her, and I'm sure everyone thought we were ridiculous. 

So, here's my bad mom story. After the first blowout, we are sprawled out on a back table trying not to get anything dirty, when my mother-in-law asks where the diapers are in the bag. What do you mean? You're kidding, right? I forgot to add more diapers to the bag this morning, and so we literally had no diaper to put on this naked baby. We are frantically rummaging through the diaper bag trying to find something we can use to cover this baby bum. Blankets, nursing pads, baby wipes, footie pajamas. We almost wrapped a burp cloth around her when Nancy pulls out... a maxi pad. 

So yes, I diapered my one-month-old with a maxi pad. It was "super" absorbant, with wings.

Then, I sent Sam running down to the closest Walgreens in Union Square to buy some diapers. And, it's a good thing- because she treated us to two more blowouts before we even left the office. Oh, Eliza. You sure keep us on our toes!


  1. It's a good thing you have a girl. No boy would have let you put on a maxi-pad!

  2. My boy has done the maxi-pad!! Ran out of nappies just a couple of months ago whilst visiting a friend and she suggested it! She found some old underwear that belonged to her son (5), lined it with the pad, and off we went! Would have worked a treat if he had girl equipment rather than ....