sunday in the park.

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On Sunday we packed up a little picnic and went to to the park. It was one of the first days that Eliza decided she liked the stroller. After spending months trying to find the best deal on my dream stroller, I was pretty disappointed to find out that little E hated it. I would put her in and test it out, but within a couple of blocks she was loudly voicing her dislike. 

On Sunday, though, she fell right asleep- and stayed asleep through the whole picnic. We all laughed because the one time I wanted to take pictures of her in her cutie polka dot bloomers at the park, she wouldn't wake up. So, I did the bad mom thing and poked her a lot until she woke up. Which is why she looks slightly stressed in all of these pictures.

Eliza loves being outside. At first I felt a little guilty for taking her out of the house so many times in these early weeks. But, she loves the fresh air. Lately, when wrap her up tight in the Moby wrap, she liked to stick her face out in the breeze like a little puppy dog. She loves that wind in her hair.

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