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Christmas was allllll about these two. I mean, look at them! They got totally spoiled, and it was totally worth it. This was Christmas morning at my dad's house. My sister and I made them matching super hero capes, which is one of my favorite things I've ever made. They looked so cute running around the house in them. My dad made them duck calls in his wood shop, and they totally loved them. Dani gave them dress up jewelry and wands, and a bottle for Baby. And Desi gave Eliza the sweetest little baby sling- do you see that! So darling!

Christmas Eve at my mom's was also full of glitz and glamour. Eliza got the cutest pair of sparkly, foxy shoes, play jewelry, hand-made infinity scarves by my mom, and a new helmet for her bike trailer. Lucy got new this set of play jewelry and those tiny plastic heels, and a cd player with microphone. It was the funniest thing watching her totter around the house in those heels all night, with her hand floating up by her face because she didn't want her big, plastic ring to fall off. Every single thing that they opened had to be worn immediately. They were bonkers. I couldn't stop cracking up at Eliza with that helmet on all night, and all her fancies.

Christmas with kids is really something special. They just love and appreciate every little, tiny thing. Eliza is still in love with all of her new toys. She pulls out her jewelry every day, always needs to have her foxy shoes on (even if she is literally wearing nothing else), and feeds and carries Baby everywhere. And, I am always hearing that duck call with giggles from the other room. Thank you, thank you!

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