love, the grays

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Hello all! We actually got a Christmas card out this year. Having a designer for a husband means free design, right? No. It means NO design, because you can't just order something cute off of Tiny Prints. That would be ridiculous. Never.

But, he never has time to design anything. 

Let me clarify- he definitely has the time to whip up something nice. Like, "Hey, Sam. It's late November, could you design a cute card real quick?" Type, click, print.

Nope. Instead, it turns into this gargantuan project that can never possibly be achieved. For example, our second Christmas together, while we were living in New York, I actually convinced him to take a stab at it. He designed a beautiful hand-lettered card that read, "Let Earth Receive Her King." Like, seriously stunning. I was so excited. 

But, Sam Gray couldn't stop there. He decided that he wanted to carve out the design with a linoleum stamp (think "wood block"), and hand-stamp each card. After meticulously carving the design with a tiny chisel, rolling the ink, and carefully stamping about 20 cards, Sam decided that the quality really was not acceptable and couldn't be sent out. Needless to say, we didn't get a card that year.

But, this year I somehow pushed for a quick design, easy print, and scheduled a photo shoot myself. I don't know if we will ever get another in our lifetime, so let's revel in this moment. I'm posting it here because, even though we made it happen this year, most of the cards were sent after Christmas. (I'm still addressing a few tonight.) And, let's be honest, postage is not cheap!

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We love you all...

Photo by Amy Carlston.


  1. This is the story of your pepper mill, too. Ha ha.

  2. I'm as guilty as Sam. There really should be a support group for wives of designers.

  3. Haha the same thing with us! Nick tried to etch into metal to burn on wood for his family...!! It didnt happen lol love this