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I think this was one of my favorite trips home. I feel like we did the right amount of everything, and everyone seemed to have a good time with minimal stress. The holidays always stress me out a little, honestly. But this year, we just had fun and relaxed.

We did spend a day up in Austin with my mom, and got to meet up with my aunt and cousins. We took our traditional trip out to Fredricksburg with my dad to see the shops and eat at Rudy's Bar-B-Q. Oh. We ate ALOT. I love going home because I get all of favorites- Tex-Mex, Bar-B-Q, Country Cooking. You know, the good stuff. (I'm not going to lie, one time I made Sam drive me all the way to Union City in the East Bay so that I could get a chicken fried steak from Texas Roadhouse.) 

We also took the girls to the San Antonio Children's Museum, which was kind of crazy full because of the holidays. But, the little H-E-B in the basement made it completely worth it. They have an entire tiny grocery store set up, where the kids can push a cart, collect food, and check out. Eliza would walk around and throw things in her cart, but got very disturbed when there were no actual eggs in the cartons.

I mostly just loved spending time with my family. Eliza is much older and not as dependent as the last time we visited. So, I got to break away and spend some one on one time with my family. We had a sister slumber party, a double date with my sister and brother-in-law, and even a daddy/daughter date night with my dad and sisters. 

Eliza loved being with everyone. She calls all of her Christmas gifts by the names of the people who gave them to her. Whenever she sees her pretty, little flower clip she says "Na Ma!" (Grandma) or when she sees her new color books she says "Dad Dad" (Grandad). Also, whenever I ask if she misses anyone, she will get this sad, exaggerated pout on her face and say "Goo byeeeee! Goo, byeeee!" 

We miss you all already...


  1. I become a carnivore when I go home to Austin. They just know how to cook those briskets and fried chickens! Even the Salt Lick inside the airport is goooood. And no worries, every time I pass that same Texas Roadhouse, I fantasize of sitting inside and eating their chicken fried steak. Maybe I need to ACTUALLY make that happen.

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