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Right before the holidays, I was able to fly out early to Arizona to see my little sister graduate from Arizona State University. She was studying math education, and already has a job at a high school in Phoenix- starting next week! I am so proud of her. Like, beyond proud. She worked really hard, and graduated with a 4.0. And, come on, anyone who has agreed to dedicate their lives to teaching math to high school students receives top honors in my book. Way to go, Dani! 

It was so much fun having everyone come together for the graduation. We were all staying at the same hotel, and spent a few days celebrating around town. We took a mini hike at South Mountain Park, ate at all of our favorite Phoenix/Tempe joints, visited Dani's house, and played at the hotel. My older sister also graduated from ASU, so we know the area well, and it brings back a lot of memories from when I have visited both of my sisters in years past. (I also got to see my friend, Tricia, and her husband and new Baby Peyton!)

Also, watching Eliza and Lucy eat breakfast together down in the lobby every morning was priceless. They would arrive in pajamas and messy hair, sit down in the booth and giggle over their fruit and granola. Well, more like squeal and cackle and jump around. Those two hit it off right away, and I had so much fun watching them. Eliza loves Lucy, and still talks about her every day. Just wait, more cousin love to come...

Congrats, Dani! I am so proud of you, and I can't wait to see what you will accomplish in your career. You are smart and talented and those kids are so lucky to have such an awesome teacher. I am constantly impressed by your dedication and achievements, and I know you are really going places! Now, go decorate your classroom and bedazzle your lanyard, Ms. DeBord :)

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