cousin time.

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These girls!

In case you haven't met- this is Lucy, my niece and Eliza's only cousin on my side of the family. (Although my sister is now expecting her second girl in a few months!) Lucy is just a little over one year older than Eliza. These two haven't played together since last Thanksgiving, when Eliza was six months old, and Lucy just sort of poked at her. So, this year was a blast!

Eliza loves Lucy so much. She would get so excited when I told her we would be going over to her house or something. It was one of the first times I've really seen Eliza connect in that way! They would run off, and all you would hear were giggles and shrieks and little pitter, patter feet. Of course, every few minutes you would hear tears and cries and you had to come and see what was up, or just let them fend for themselves. It was always play, fight, play, fight. Eliza hasn't really learned how to share well yet, and Lucy didn't totally get while Eliza wasn't keeping up with her. It was kind of funny watching them, because they seem so close in age, but they really are far off developmentally.  Poor Lucy had a rough time trying to get Eliza to play certain games, when Eliza would just be running around in circles obliviously laughing her head off. But, they were the cutest together.

And, so mischievous, too. One time Desi and I were in her kitchen getting dinner ready, and the girls asked for a drink of water. Then, they came back for more water, and then more water... like 3 seconds later. So, we ran after them trying to figure out where the water was going so quickly. They had been filling the sink of Lucy's plastic play kitchen! We tried to contain our reaction, because really, it was pretty clever of them.

I wish we lived close together, because I know how much Eliza would love to hang out with Lucy every day. But, I'm so glad that we got to spend a couple of weeks watching these two run around together. It also makes me so excited knowing Eliza will (hopefully) have siblings one day that she can laugh and scheme with. 

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