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Let's back this up to Easter in Utah. It feels good to finally get to some of these photos!

We went to Utah shortly after we got back from Europe, and our trip coincided with Easter! We haven't been able to celebrate Easter with family in years, so it was really nice. 

Eliza is wearing one of the dresses that I wore when I was her age. My mom made my older sister and I matching yellow ruffled dresses, and it was always one of my favorites. She loved it, and totally cheesed up the camera when we took her out on the lawn with her Easter basket. It made me so happy because it's exactly what we used to do when we were little. We would get all dolled up in our new handmade Easter dresses, and sit on the lawn with our Easter baskets filled with Robin's Eggs and jelly beans. 

Speaking of candy, you won't believe how much Easter candy this girl ate. We let her eat some when she got her basket, pastel colored spit all over. Then pretty much anytime she approached any member of the family they would slip her a Cadbury Mini Egg. I was wondering why she was so happy, when every time I turned around she was cuddled up in someone's arms. That little sneak.

We had a little Easter egg hunt at Grandma Chuckie's house, where we scattered the eggs (in plain site) for the three kids. Nola skipped around filling her basket, while Eliza and Leo wandered aimlessly scooping up an egg or two when one of the uncles would jump up and down to draw their attention towards one. Then, they sat and opened up each plastic egg, popping candy in their little mouths. Eliza ate a ton of candy, but curiously, she would not eat the candy that she found in her eggs. She would open them and play with the candy, sometimes organizing them by shape or color, and then toss them back in her bag for later. Sam Gray's daughter.

After dinner, we settled into the living room with Chuckie's good conversation. The boys played cornhole out on the lawn until it got dark, and then they broke out flashlights to finish the game. It was a great Easter!

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