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For Sam's birthday, all he wanted was a drive to Tomales Bay for oysters with his girls. So, Eliza and I happily obliged. It's always a good time. Then, we went to the beach to hang out. The fog had rolled in, and so it was a bit chilly. But, they were having such a good time. Sam taught Eliza how to roll down the sand dunes, which was hilarious. She would roll down and then stand up and stagger around until she fell down again.

I love these two together. Eliza is sort of a mama's girl. She is still very clingy and gets upset when I leave, which can be difficult but also makes me feel good. Is that bad? I love her too much. But, beyond that, Eliza has a really special bond with her Papa. She loves him so much. They have things they do together that I'm not a part of, and it makes me smile. They go on a walk, and split a corn cheery scone almost every Saturday morning together. He gets up with her every morning, while I lay in bed listening to them chat and giggle. He knows how to make her laugh- he always has. Even when she was a baby, he could make her do that deep, throaty laugh that she would do when she was really having a good time.

Sam is a good husband and father. I don't know what I would do without him. This guys is 35 now, and I tell him every day he better take care of himself because I'm not ok with him dying before me. We also just celebrated our five year anniversary. Whoa! We have changed so much in the six or seven years that we have known each other. Sometimes it's hard keeping up. But, I know I can always trust this man to love me and to love our family the best way he knows how. He gives everything to us, and I am grateful for that.

Happy (late) Birthday, Sam Gray! Here's to many more adventures with you and our family! 
I love you.

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