two years.

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Eliza Roxie turned two!

Eliza has been talking about her birthday for weeks. "Happy Bir-day!" She says it to everyone like it's a term of affection- like, "I love you!" So, on the morning of her birthday when we woke her up and made her pink pancakes and she opened a pile of pink presents from her family- she was in heaven.

She was so excited about every single present she opened. A pink kitchen! A tiny broom! A pony! ABC puzzle!  A tea set! Tutu! Crown! Sparkle! "Happy bir-day, happy bir-day, happy bir-day!!"

When she saw the kitchen, she immediately pretended to wash her hands and dry them on a towel. She baked us cakes, and poured us tea. She cleaned the floors with her broom. She squealed and insisted we all wear a sparkle crown while she ran around the room on that frilly tutu and fairy wings. It was magical. Eliza has so many specific interests now, that it was really fun looking for birthday gifts. She loves pink, sparkle, and pretty much anything she sees Mama do. (And, everything Papa does to- but, I wouldn't buy her the tiny, pink skateboard we saw at Target.)

For her actual birthday, we met up with her best friends at Fairyland in Oakland. The park is old, but sweet. It was the first themed amusement park for children in the US, built in 1950. It even inspired Walt Disney when creating his park. The paint is peeling, but it's still lovely. The kids ran around ducking into tiny houses, riding rides, and eating muffins. She loves her friends.

For dinner, Sam and I took Eliza to Cheeseboard where she got to bop to the live music and eat her favorite music. It was a beautiful day to celebrate our baby girl.

Eliza has developed such a sparkling personality. She loves to laugh and have fun. She loves everything colorful and shining. She is very opinionated and I find it so endearing. She has SO much to say. Eliza is always chatting- to people around her, to her baby, to herself. And, she's very curious. All day long I hear, "That, Mama? That, Mama? That, Mama?" What's that, Mama!? I can hardly make it through a book without her pointing out every single thing on the page and asking what it is. I love this about her.

She is a very caring little girl. She loves to help and be a part of everything. Even if it is inconvenient, I try to let her pitch in. She is always fawning over her babies- kissing and hugging them. It makes me feel good, because I like to think she is mimicking the love I give her. She get's upset when someone gets hurt or is sad. And, she lights up when she sees someone particularly happy. She loves her friends and family in a huge way. She is always talking about them, and gets so happy when she gets to spend time with them. 

I still cant believe she's mine. I remember before I had kids I would always see a baby or a child reach for their mother when they were sad, distressed, or just happy, and I wanted that so badly. I love that I am who she reaches for- Sam and I. When she slips her arm around my neck, I melt. When I hear her babbling to herself, it's us she talks about. "Mama and Papa." We feel so lucky.

Eliza, you are growing up to be such a beautiful girl! We love you, honey.

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