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Eliza is such a a character these days. I just got finished talking about how toddlerhood has been such a dream lately, and I totally jinxed us. She's been a bit wild and dramatic lately, and we have a hard time not laughing when she's throwing a fit. She loves to throw herself on the ground, with her arm on her forehead like an Old Hollywood starlet.

I love hearing her speak more and more. She has a pretty, high-pitched voice that is very melodic. She sings when she speaks! She tends to start a phrase high and then go low, so her sentences jump and bounce around. I especially love that she says certain words exactly the same every time. When she says "Mama" and "Papa" she uses a specific tone that sounds so happy.

She's up to four and five word sentences now, and surprises me every day with how much she comprehends. I really have to watch what I promise, because she remembers everything now. If I mention the "soo" (zoo) or the "ooseum" (museum) we better go that day or I will never hear the end of it!

She is so kind and caring, and recognizes when someone needs a hug or a kiss. And, she is forever taking good care of that baby of hers- which is getting pretty beat up. She's the best.

Eliza says:

"happy!" - Whenever Eliza is particularly happy, she will gleefully exclaim "happy!" It makes me smile and melt on the spot. "Eziza happy!"

family groupings- Eliza loves pointing out family groupings. If we see a family of giraffes at the zoo, "Mama giraffe, Papa giraffe, Eziza giraffe!" or "baby giraffe!" This goes for anything- anything that has two larger items, and a smaller. Or, a small, medium, and large. A group of leaves, a trio of strawberries, or a pile of balls. It makes me so happy that she loves our little family enough to see us in everything around her!

"tiny" "baby" "yittle" (little) "Eziza" - Speaking of size, Eliza loves, loves finding things that are her size. I think she is copying my tone or something because she will squeeze her little fists by her cheeks and go, "tiny blankie!" "baby chair!" or "Eziza cookie!"

"parkle" (sparkle) "peh-shool" (special) - She also loves anything that is sparkly and pretty, or special in anyway. She has a pile of tiny treasures on her bookshelf, that we constantly add to- little seashells, sparkly rocks, pink legos, turquoise stones, etc.

(where did) "______ go?" - Eliza loves people. She loves see them, and she loves talking about them when are gone. I hear "Papa go?" or "Grandma go?" all day long. She loves playing the game where we name off every single person she knows, and where they live- like "Ootah" (Utah) and "Exes" (Texas)

"Pink yips" (lips)- When we went on our trip, I splurged and bought some coral lipstick. Ever since then, Eliza is obsessed with my "pink yips." She loves to touch them and when I take them off she asks me "Mama pink yips go?" over and over.

"Paint pink toes, Papa!"- The other day we were all trying to get ready to go out, and Eliza kept insisting that Sam paint his toenails pink. Like, really insisting. To the point where we were all about to pull our hair out, and Sam totally gave in. I peeked into the bathroom and he's sitting on the toilet, bent over with a bottle of coral pink nail polish, while Eliza is crouched down next to him inspecting his work. First, she requested a "c-eer" (clear) polish for his right foot, and Sam thought he was getting off easy- but theyn she selected "Make Mine Mango" to compliment his left foot.

"kiko" (thank you) "yayoo" (I love you)- Eliza has been saying both of these phrases for weeks, and I didn't know it. There are several words and phrases that she says constantly, that I haven't quite translated yet. I never know if it's just a made up word, or if she is actually shooting for something. But, the other day I gave her something and she said "Kiko, Mama" for the millionth time and it hit me that she was saying, "thank you." So, I started listening closer and I heard "I love you" a few days later. She is such a sweet little girl, especially when I slow down and listen. I love her.

Star Wars- Eliza likes to request the "Chewbacca Show," which is the trailer for the new Star Wars movie that Sam keeps watching over and over. You should hear her say, "Chewbacca," it's hilarious. Also, "Ook Si-lker" and "Princess Yeya."

(Pictures taken by Kelsey Gray, while we were visiting Utah.)

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