texas with family.

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I'm so glad I was able to go to Texas for my Grandma's funeral so that I could be with family, even if it was just a short time. But, it was a crazy road to get there, especially after a total of four mechanical delays, two canceled flights, and 25+ extra hours sitting in airports- all for one round trip, with American Airlines. I'm throwing them under the bus right now because they still haven't responded to my complaints, and it's making me mad.

But, we had such a good time. Eliza has really become so attached to her family. Mt dad took us to the park, and to all our favorite places to eat. And, Eliza loved his backyard. It's been raining so much in San Antonio lately, so his yard was like a jungle for a toddler.

We played at my sister's a lot, so Eliza got plenty of girl time with Lucy! I was dying when they started playing dress-up. They were so cute, and they were non-stop giggles. Now, every once in awhile now, Eliza will be playing with a blanket and she will wrap it around her waist and yell "Belle!" and then she will wrap it around her shoulders and yell "Elsa!" And, then proceed to reminisce about how Lucy and Eziza played dress-up.

Even Baby Samantha dressed up! I got lots of cuddle time with this little newborn, she is so precious. She's starting to look different than Lucy did, but she sleeps all the time like Lucy did. Which, of course, is completely awesome. Mmmmm, babies...

My mom and Chad took us to the "Kiddie Park" which is this cute, old park with rides that have been around forever. The girls LOVED it. I especially loved watching Eliza ride that tiny horse-drawn carriage, with the tiny reigns. Or, the old army planes painted in bright colors. Eliza and Lucy were on separate ends, so they were the only plane each other couldn't see. So, the whole time, the planes would circle around and they would yell, "Lucy go?" or "Eliza go?"

It was short, but sweet. I'm glad we could make it. My flight on the way home got canceled (again), and so I missed my classes that afternoon- which was the reason the trip had to be cut short to begin with. But after sitting in the airport for seven hours with a toddler, and after the famous fiasco of the first flight, I really just wanted to get on the first plane they gave me and get home. But, I will forever regret not just staying an extra weekend. Ugh. I hate flying.

Miss you all!

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