utah with friends.

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Two of my best friends from Berkeley moved to Salt Lake City last summer, along with two of Eliza's buddies. So, I was really excited for this trip to Utah so that I could have some girl time, and to see if Eliza would remember her friends. We went to the new Museum of Natural Curiosity with the kids, and we spent a few nights at Kate's new house. We took the kids to City Creek, the park, and basically just pretended like we lived there. Umm, it was pretty great.

Amanda also hosted a screen-printing craft afternoon with the girls. The two of us had both taken the same workshop with Oh Happy Day in San Francisco a year ago, so I was all sorts of confidence. But, I failed miserably. In fact, most of us did. In the end, Amanda had to print all of our items just so we could leave with something that looked nice. Thank you, Amanda! It was seriously fun, though.

Both Kate and Amanda are pregnant (actually Kate just had her baby last week!), and so we had two mini baby showers while I was there. I'm so happy for them. It's really exciting, because I have known their firstborns (almost) since birth, and I've seen their little personalities develop. So, I can't wait to see what the second born will be like. And how big brothers will take to them!

I also met up for lunch with my world-traveling friend, Christine, and hear about her adventures. I got to dress up to attend the Gala for the 50th Anniversary of the BYU Harris Fine Arts Center with Sara, watch performances from all my old companies, and catch up with old professors. I had a girls' night with Ashley where I learned the fine art of Tinder, and got pretty giggly setting up dates with random strangers for her. I had unlimited french toast with the Rooney sisters, and then went to the park where I got to squish baby Walker and watch Kimi make Eliza laugh on the slide. I had dinner with some of Sam's best friends, while Eliza ran around the house with the kids eating pizza and clutching four babies at once. I even got to watch Sara in professor mode as she lived one of my dreams, teaching a contemporary dance class on campus. 

Utah will always be so special for me. I only lived there for five years, but I made the best friends. I feel lucky that I will always have family in Utah, because that means I will always have opportunities to see my friends, as well. To be honest, I wish I was better at keeping in touch with people. But, I love that when I get to see my friends, we slip right back into the happiest of times.

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